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The ISER Library was founded in 1965, initially on the basis of the researchers donations, but nowadays over 95% of the library publications fund is provided by the international exchange conventions.

The collections comprise more than 6000 book titles and 850 journals and magazines titles on: Speleology, Biology, Geography, Geology and Paleontology, defining the specialized character of the library.


The ISER Library has exchange conventions with more than 150 institutes, museums and professional societies from 25 countries, being remarkable the intense exchange with the institutes from Germany, Italy, France, USA and Spain.

The exchange with the institutes from Romania is also important, the library being provided with the almost complete collections of the „Grigore Antipa” Natural History Museum, of the institutes of biology, geology, geography, of the University of Bucharest etc.

The ISER Library is an internal one. Although, in the lecture room, all interested people can become acquainted with the mysterious subterranean world.

The library is open to the public daily (Monday-Friday), between : 1000 - 1600


Ioana Ciumasu

The Booklist of the ISER Bucharest Library in alphabetical order


  • • OCTET-ALPHA spectrometer
  • • Quadrupol mass spectrometer and inductively coupled plasma - NexION 300S ICP-MS, PerkinElmer
  • • Atomic absorption spectrometer - AAnalyst 800, PerkinElmer
  • • Automatic flow injection system - FIAS-400, PerkinElmer
  • • Fluorescence Spectrometer - LS 45, PerkinElmer
  • • UV-Vis Spectrometer - Lambda 25, PerkinElmer
  • • Total organic carbon analyzer - Formacs, Skalar Analytical B.V.
  • • Microwave sample digestion system - Multiwave 3000 Microwave Oven, PerkinElmer/Anton Paar
  • • Analytical balance - Kern 770-14, Kern & Sohn GmbH
  • • Portable photometer - MultiDirect Photometer, Tintometer GmbH Lovinbond
  • • pH/ORP-portable meter - PH 25+, Crison Instruments
  • • Portable thermometer - TM 65, Crison Instruments
  • • SpectraMax Quickdrop MicroVolume Spectrophotometer
  • • Milli Q water purification system
  • • CRDS Picarro spectrometer

Karstology, Karst Inventory and Protection Compartment


The scientific activity of the department aims to establish a direct link between the interdisciplinary research on caves and the karst environments knowledge, protection and use.


The research team covers the majority of the speleological or karstological topics, gathering senior and young researchers, focused on the most recent research trends and methods.

Research Topics:
  • 1. Karstonomy and systematics of karst areas – theoretical and regional studies on the structure and biodiversity of the karst or related terrains.
  • 2. Karst inventory – software tool, useful for the identification and classification of karst structures, sites and resources.
  • 3. Applied karstology – karst environment vulnerability assessment, karst regions conservation and management norms issuance.

Research team:
  • • Ph.D. Marius VLAICU
  • • Ph.D. Rodica PLĂIAŞU
  • • Ph.D. Cristian-Mihai MUNTEANU
  • • Ph.D. Ioana MELEG
  • • Ph.D. Marius ROBU
  • • Valerică TOMA
  • • Ph.D. Luchiana FAUR
  • • Ph.D. Daniela DIMOFTE
  • • Ph.D. Nicolae CRUCERU

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